X-Man kinetic wind sculpture

X-Man kinetic wind sculpture


A beautiful kinetic wind sculpture X-Man. 352 stainless steel blades hand shaped attached to 44 stainless bearings, steampunk style base painted black. This creation is combination of mild steel, stainless steel and copper. The sculpture was exhibit in and awarded with a certificate Visual Art Open VAO. The judges were very impressed with extremely high standards of quality and creativity. The sculpture with the help of wind will give you mesmerising visual experience.

It breaks into smaller pieces for shipping.


Delivery price will vary depending on location. Please discuss with Fire&Wind when making your purchase: fireandwind.art@gmail.com

Sculpture in motion: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/12Ymwq8dgM0


Height 350 cm / 138"
Width 80 cm / 31 "
Depth 80 cm / 31 "